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Cooperative Flag and its seven colors:

For the cooperative movement, seven colors of the cooperative flag which has been recognized. It is a symbol of freedom for each color.

1. Red (Economic freedom): For each and everyone food, clothing and housing to be arranged, not exploiting each other.

2. Saffron (Social freedom): Religion, caste, class or character does not distinguish. Everyone had equal status.

3. Yellow (Moral freedom): Socio-economic freedom is the foundation of ethics, morale should be good.

4. Green (Political freedom): Cooperatives have been kept away from the politics, as may be better suited to it by political freedom.

5. Sky Blue (Industry trade freedom): Please occupation related to their interests, knowledge.

6. Blue (Agriculture freedom): Become self-sufficient in agriculture - get fair prices for production

7. Purple (Education freedom): Freedom of education are related to their interests. In addition to the above, the symbol of freedom of Cooperative flag is a symbol of unity in diversity.