Muffler- 80-3 Multicolour Wool 2/48

Muffler- 80-3 Multicolour Wool 2/48

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Muffler Wool Handspun

Colour: Tricolour 

Quality: 100 % Merino Wool

Size: 12 x 72 (In Inchs ) 


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Do’s & Don’t’s

  1. Ensure woollen products to be dry cleaned only.
  2. Give a sun bask to woollen products once or twice during monsoon. Moreover store your clothes with Naphthalene balls or Margosa (Neem) leaves.
  3. Make sure woollen caps after washing dried in wooden round brackets and ironed on the same.
  4. Avoid direct contact of Grass Slippers (Pullas) with water.
  5. Always dry non fast colour shawls in shade.
  6. Specifically woollen shirts should be dry cleaned only.
  7. Never wash woollen clothes in hot water.
  8. Do not store woollen products in polythene bags.
  9. Ensure to use lining cloth underneath the woollen suits, when sending it for stitching.
  10. Also Ensure that keep fitting little loose of woollen stitched products from the Actual measurement.